Summer Course Programme

The course will have an introduction to computing in nuclear fusion based on the European approach for the ITM (Integrated Tokamak Modeling) and followed by an hands-on crash course in CUDA, OpenMP and MPI.
Key topics include:

Introduction to the European Integrated Tokamak Modelling approach

Methodologies and techniques for the exploration of large scale computing resources

Foresight of Exascale and high performance computing

Computational Plasma Physics

Parallel programming using OpenMP and MPI


Detailed program here.

We can grant you 1,5 ECTS!

All you need to do is submit an individual report within one week after the course, resuming one of the sessions, which can include experimental work or data analysis.

This report must be between 3 and 4 pages long and written in English. You can send it by email to before 31 July 2017. Make sure it is delivered!

These credits are not transferred automatically to your university, but issued as a certificate that has to be submitted and recognized by your university.